Tornado GR4

Limited Edition Steel Sculptures

This sculpture of a Tornado GR4 is cast in steel which has been smelted from decommissioned Tornado Mauser cannons.
We have been working on this project for the past twelve months with RAF Tornado GR4 aircrew, RAF Marham.

The image above is the "Fully Loaded" version shown alongside an 18kg 27mm Mauser cannon breech.
This is one of the main components from which the edition is being cast.

The "Fully Loaded" jet features 2250L underwing tanks, BOZ, AIRCM and two under-fuselage Storm Shadow missiles.
The sculptures are set on RB199 titanium compressor blades from Tornado jet engines and mounted on a hardwood base.

Each Tornado is engraved with a unique Serial Number on top of the tail, similar in style to the recently decommissioned fleet.
Both examples shown here are nickel plated steel, they are also available silver plated.

We have secured over a tonne and a half of steel cannon components, mostly breeches, for casting an edition of 999 jets.

Numbers 001 to 250 have been allocated to members of the RAF and civilians who have flown, worked on and
supported the Tornado GR Force over its time in RAF service - from 1982 to 2019.

The image above shows our first prototype clean jet, without the stores, tanks or missiles, in a polished nickel finish.

Below is a clean jet in a satin silver finish.

Tornado Sculpture



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We are offering an Armed Forces discount of 20% on all tornado sculptures, please for further infomation.

If not in stock the current delivery time for a Tornado is approximately 4 weeks.
A selection of GR4 sculptures that are currently available can be seen on our stock page.

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A donation from each sale goes to the RAF Benevolent Fund and RAFA
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Please to confirm which finish you would prefer when you order.
See below for comparison photos of a silver and nickel plated finish.

Silver on the left - nickel on the right.







2lb 3oz

9 1/2"


2lb 10oz

9 1/2"



A sculpture of a Tornado cast from a Tornado cannon and mounted on a blade from a Tornado jet engine.
The provenance of the materials used is truly remarkable, even the timber for the bases comes from a royal estate.

The bases have been made by Diego Bernasconi, a brilliant woodworker I met at the Weird and Wonderful Wood show in Suffolk.

The above image shows one of the sculptures in our forge having the nose cone annealed.
Drilling cones to fit the pitot probes is one of many challenges we have encountered.