The Swords of Night and Day

Wielded by Skilgannon The Damned in David Gemmell's Novels: White Wolf and The Swords of Night and Day.

Shown here with a leather bound ash scabbard, Ivory Micarta grips and lightly blackened and highlighted silver fittings.
The blades on this pair of Night and Day are undecorated but we are also making them with silver and gold inlaid runic inscriptions.


The hanger is in blackened silver, the ring is blackened steel.


This is a numbered Limited Edition of only Fifty sets of The Swords of Night and Day.

Each set of swords and scabbard has over two pounds of Sterling Silver in the fittings.
These swords are hand made and various options are available for the engravings and materials.
We are also offering a rendition of these swords with a leather bound ash scabbard and silvered bronze fittings.

The waiting list for these swords is approximately 4 to 5 years.
They can be ordered with a 25% deposit or paid for in instalments over 60 months.
Please for further details.

Prices start from £7,500 plus VAT.

Ivory Micarta Grips, Sterling Silver Fittings and Ebony or Black Micarta Scabbard
With Gold and Silver Inlaid Engraved Blades

Limited Edition


Inc. VAT

Night and Day



VAT charged at 20%



The high carbon spring steel blade is ground from 5/16th" stock (7.9mm).
Blades are fully hardened and tempered to a Rockwell hardness of 54-56RC.
Weights, measurements and materials can be tailored to suit your requirements.
Our swords are hand made, every item we produce is unique, even our Limited Editions.




Blade Length


2lb 8oz

32 1/4"

25 1/2"

Swords in Scabbard

6lb 10oz




The pictures below show our original concept prototypes of these Swords.
On this set the blades are engraved with runes and inlaid in gold and silver.


This is a close-up of the lock on the prototype Sword of Night.
The Ruby stud on top of the hilt retracts the steel teeth that lock the blade into the Scabbard.

Each sword has two cabochon trillion gemstones set into the hilt, Rubies for Night and Emeralds for Day.
The grips are made in Ivory Micarta, the fittings for the scabbard and the swords are Sterling Silver.

The fullers are engraved with runes, inlaid in gold for Day and silver for Night.
For further details on the inscriptions please click on the image below.

This is a numbered Limited Edition of only Fifty sets of The Swords of Night and Day.








The picture below is a draft illustration of these swords by Courtney Davis.


Prices for items with silver fittings may be subject to change according to spot price of silver.




David Gemmell 1948 - 2006 The Master of Fantasy Fiction.