Snaga the Sender - The Axe of Deathwalker

We made the first Snaga for David Gemmell over thirty years ago.
The example shown above has a turned spring steel handle, the grips are ground into an oval section and bound with calfskin.
The Snaga shown below has a faceted, octagonal handle with scaled ash grips also bound with black calfskin.

The broad blades are ground back, rising to almost 1/2 inch thick at the spines, the blade edges are lightly hollow ground.

The runic inscription "Sender The Blades Of No Return" is carved into four panels around the handle and inlaid in silver.


This is a Limited Edition production of One Hundred Snaga.
















A custom made lockable case is included in the price.
VAT charged at 20%

Snaga is weilded by Druss in David Gemmell's novels:
Legend, Druss the Legend, The Legend of Deathwalker, White Wolf and The Swords of Night and Day.


A custom made lockable case is included with each full sized Snaga.



Raven Armoury Limited Edition Miniatures

Click on the image above for further information on our half and third sized Snaga.


Snaga Pendant

Hand made by Raven Armoury, a perfect miniature Snaga in Bronze or Sterling Silver.

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Click on the image below for more information on our Limited Edition of The Swords of Night and Day.





David Gemmell 1948 - 2006

The Master of Fantasy Fiction



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