Skeleton Sculptures

Lost wax cast in Bronze and Steel


The Madness
A bronze skeleton bust tearing his head apart.


Full Throttle
Bronze skeletons on stainless steel base.


Father to Son
Full size bronze skeleton holding a silvered bronze child's skull.



Life's a Gas
Full size bronze skeleton breathing in his toxic world.


Full Size Human Skeleton - Bronze


This was our first Full size human skeleton in bronze.



Full Size Human Skeleton - Steel

Full Size Human Skeleton - Steel


This was our first Full Size Human Skeleton in Blackened Stainless Steel



Skulls on Spikes

Skulls on Spikes


Full Size Human Skulls in Blackened Steel
Fourteen Skulls set on spikes, surmounting large iron gates.



Other examples of our full size bronze and steel skulls can be seen if you click on the image below.










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