Leaf Bladed Swords




 As with all our swords the variations of design are limitless.


The examples below illustrate a selection of Leafblades we have made over the last two decades.

Leafblades cost from £1,900.


Leafblade Broadsword

The example above is from the early 1990's.

Flat ground blade from 1/4" stock, 44" overall length, 4lb in weight.

The example below is a more recent rendition of our Leafblade Broadsword.



This broadsword has a hollow ground, fluted blade.


Two-Handed Leafblade Broadsword

54" length, 7lb weight. 5/16 stock.

This example is bound in black lambskin. It has a lightly down-swept guard.


52" Length, 7lb 11oz weight. 7 pairs of flutes on each side of the ricasso.



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