Raven Originals

Original Medieval and Dark Age swords rarely come up for sale and can fetch very high prices.

We offer collectors the chance to purchase distressed swords with the unique character created by natural patination.
We do not artificially age these blades nor do we use any chemicals or acids.

It can take anything from just a few months to a few years depending upon the level of patination desired.
Once they are ready many hours of careful restoration are required.

To see a selection of the Patinated historical swords we have created go to our archive.





This is a generic Viking sword and is the first blade we have given a millennia of patination.


I checked the blade every few months to see how it was progressing.
It was aged from mint condition and had no nicks prior to burial.



The grip is ancient oak and the fittings are steel.



The following pictures show two bastard swords, both made with a new finish.
One has been carefully distressed to give the semblance of several hundred years of patination.
We can age swords more or less than these examples.





Commissioned reproductions of specific swords can be undertaken but an extra waiting time of two to four years should be allowed, depending upon the level of patination required.



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